New Members

As an introduction to your experience, some questions frequently asked by candidates are answered here. We look forward to seeing you at the next Reunion.


The Scottish Rite Cathedral is located in downtown Dallas at the intersection of Harwood and Young. The street address is 500 South Harwood, Dallas, Texas 75201-6210. The Cathedral is on the National Register of Historic Places.

When you arrive at the Dallas Cathedral feel free to park in the lot located in the rear, adjacent to Harwood street. You should enter the building through the side door under the canopy. You will be registered as soon as you arrive. We have much work to do so please try to be prompt. Give careful attention to the registration time on the Degree schedule.


A coat and tie is the suggested attire for Stated Meetings and Reunions. Pictures will be taken on the first day of the Reunion.


The total fee for the Scottish Rite is $275. It may be paid by cash, check or using a credit card online and should accompany your petition.

Send a photocopy of your Blue Lodge dues card with your petition. It is a law of the Scottish Rite that you must be in good standing in your Blue Lodge before you can become a member of the higher Masonic Bodies, and to remain a member you must maintain good standing in your Blue Lodge.


Meals are prepared for Candidates at no additional charge. During a typical Reunion, you will receive breakfast and lunch on the day(s) of the Reunion.

14° RING

Each candidate who becomes a Master of the Royal Secret will receive a 14° ring encased in a Lucite pyramid.


When you become a Scottish Rite Mason, you will receive from the Supreme Council, Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of the Southern Jurisdiction, an English Patent inscribed on parchment with your name. These usually are mailed from the Supreme Council 30-45 days after your initiation and are suitable for framing.


You will receive a publication from the Dallas Scottish Rite entitled “A Bridge to Light.” This book provides a concise explanation of the teachings, symbolism, and history of each degree and is an important publication for your personal review and study.  At the conclusion of the degrees, you will receive a packet of various publications and items of interest.


32° Scottish Rite caps are presented to Candidates at the 1st Stated Meeting following the reunion. The Black Cap Ceremony is performed two times a year.  Your Lady and any family members and friends you wish to invite are welcome.  Caps must be worn at Stated Meetings and Reunions by “rule,” and we have a few extra for those that forget theirs.


The Degrees of the Scottish Rite are all conferred or communicated from the stage of the Main Auditorium – the heart of the Cathedral. In splendid panorama, with the aid of beautiful scenery drops and embellished by special effects of artistic settings, along with the use of lights, color and costumes, the Degrees present the wisdom of the ages. In much the same format as community theatre, the degree teams, stage and wardrobe workers, and sound and lighting personnel, all render volunteer service and strive to make each Reunion successful in every way.

The Degrees of the Scottish Rite are dramatic, emotional, and exciting. They inspire us to be better than we are with their great lessons in Morals and Ethics. They help us to understand the nature of human perfection.


The Scottish Rite does not require candidates to pass an examination on their proficiency as in the degrees of the Blue Lodge. No memorization is required in the degrees of Scottish Rite Masonry.  For those who have not been active in their Blue Lodge for some time, the Scottish Rite offers a comfortable and easy way for a brother to get back in touch with the fraternity.


Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children is one of the nation's leading pediatric centers for the treatment of orthopedic conditions, certain related neurological disorders, and learning disorders, like dyslexia. Today, Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children provides ongoing care for more than 14,000 children each year. There is no charge for treatment at the Hospital and admission is open to Texas children from birth to 18 years of age.

Our children are tomorrow’s citizens and the hope for our world. To help children overcome their challenges is a major contribution to our future.


The Scottish Rite is an institution which affords Master Masons an opportunity to give of themselves and of their talents to the building and beautifying of that glorious temple of the spirit – “that house not made with hands, eternal in the Heavens.” The membership of the Scottish Rite is composed of Master Masons to whom the Symbolic Degrees have given inspiration, energy and a love for the principles of Masonry, and have caused them to seek new and larger areas of service and a greater knowledge of that primary truth which Masonry has given to the world.

The Master Mason who receives the degrees of the Scottish Rite sees Masonry not only in terms of his membership in his own Blue Lodge, but in terms of a great worldwide institution that casts its shadow of influence upon mankind within the borders of every nation.


There are four "Bodies" in the Scottish Rite organization:  the Lodge of Perfection conferring the Ineffable Degrees (4° to 14°), Chapter of Rose Croix conferring the Historical and Religious Degrees (15° to 18°), the Council of Kadosh conferring the Philosophical and Chivalric Degrees (19° to 30°), and the Consistory conferring the Ceremonial and Official Degrees (31° and 32°).  Each Body is complete in itself and is self-governed, although the financial affairs of the entire group are vested in the Lodge of Perfection.


The Scottish Rite Office is located on the second floor of the Cathedral.  Regular office hours are 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. The office staff may be reached at 214-748-9196 . The mailing address is 500 South Harwood Street, Dallas, Texas 75201-6210.

Please feel free to call us for any assistance you may need or for any questions you may have.